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Counselling, Love, Relationships and Sex Coaching

Stacey is a trusted counselor and sex therapist. Stacey also offers coaching in love, relationships, and self-discovery. As a diverse and inclusive practitioner, Stacey is committed to supporting the LGBTQIA+ and gender-diverse community. As a dedicated inclusive therapist working with all people, Stacey also works with different relationship dynamics and is passionate about people while delivering a safe, inclusive environment for feelings, thoughts, experiences, and desires to be explored. 

Stacey has over twenty years of experience in social work and finalised her studies in Counselling and Somatic Sexology, Relationships, Pleasure,  Self Discovery and is a pre-marriage prepare and enrich facilitator.


Stacey’s therapy style is one that stands out for its outstanding capacity for empathy, as well as her grounded nature. Her commitment to non-judgmental practice helps her create a supportive framework that identifies values, desires, and goals, and facilitates desired changes throughout sessions. Stacey’s primary interest is found in the areas of relationships, sexual health, LGBTQIA+ issues, trauma, somatic therapy, reparenting, communication, independent issues and sex. With her unique approach, Stacey is able to provide a space that is not only supportive but one that offers her clients a chance to connect with their own inner selves and experience growth on a deeply personal level.

Counselling, relationship, and sex therapy should be inclusive and personalized to your unique needs, desires, and identities.

Rainbow Services. An inclusive Counselling, Sex Therapy and Coaching service.

Stacey Napper.
Love Knows No Labels Here — Your Welcoming Sanctuary for Every Identity, Embracing Diversity with Pride.
Embracing Indigenous Heritage — Proudly Representing Cultural Diversity with Love and Respect.
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Life is full of ups and downs, and we all face diverse challenges along the way. But you don’t have to face them alone. Rainbow Services provides a warm and friendly space where you can share your thoughts, emotions, and personal experiences, and receive the help you need to overcome life’s obstacles. So why not reach out and let me support you on your journey?

Tailored Therapy: Meeting Clients' Needs with Individualized Care

Stacey is trained in and uses various models, techniques, and tools found in counselling and sex therapy. She also utilizes embodiment practices to help you navigate through tough times. Furthermore, Stacey has experience using widely respected techniques such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. She is also well-versed in Neurobiology as well as Gottman’s Method and the Vital Integrated Tantric Approach.

At Rainbow Services, Stacey is ready to assist with the complexities and rewards of love and relationships. Whether you’re single, in a traditional or non-traditional relationship, dealing with family dynamics, or a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, Stacey is here to help.

Strengthen and nurture your relationships with expert guidance on communication and connection.

Rainbow Services provides an inclusive and affirming environment for individuals seeking guidance and support with relationships. Rainbow services cater to those in committed relationships, non-monogamous arrangements, triads and quadras, the LGBTQIA+ community, families, adults, parental healing, sexuality, and transitional relationships. Stacey’s goal is to help you navigate any challenges and discover a path towards a happier, healthier relationship.

At Rainbow Services, Stacey understands that love and relationships can be complex, yet deeply rewarding aspects of life. Whether you’re single, in a committed relationship, or grappling with family dynamics, Stacey is ready to assist you.

Strengthen and nurture your relationships with expert guidance on communication and connection.

Stacey offers tailored guidance to help you build and maintain strong, meaningful connections. Stacey’s approach emphasizes effective communication, conflict resolution, and the nurturing of love and intimacy. With proven methods to support you in building healthy relationships, understanding yourself and others in a safe space, reconnecting in a way that provides resolution, awakening and a techniques to build the relationship you desire. 

Stacey provides a safe and welcoming environment for individuals and those in relationships to explore their sexual concerns, interests, and curiosities, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The driving goal is to help clients develop a strong sense of confidence and understanding in their sexuality.

Discover sexual confidence and understanding in a judgment-free environment.

As a sex therapist, Stacey operates as a safe space to voice any concerns, issues, desires, and curiosities you and your relationship may be experiencing. You will receive guidance, tools, practices, and understanding to help with your own sexual communication, exploration, and intimacy enhancement – addressing issues such as performance anxiety or sexual dissatisfaction, understanding your body’s pleasure centers, reconnection, desires, and building a sexual toolkit to create the pleasure and experiences you desire. Stacey will empower you to lead a fulfilling and satisfying sexual life while promoting safety, consent, and respect.

Creating A Life You Love:
Coaching with Stacey Napper


I work with adolescents, couples, LGBTQIA, and gender diverse, in counseling and coaching methods depending on where you are at in your journey. My special interest fields are relationships, relational trauma, somatic therapy, the adult and parent relationship and mind-body connection. Sex and intimacy counseling and coaching. I am also a Prepare and Enrich premarital facilitator helping you prepare for your commitment.

No two clients are the same and as such neither will be the methods, activities and techniques.

I am an active user of ACT therapy, Narrative Therapy, DBT, and CBT. For couples, I use Gottman method, the vital integrated tantric approach, and IFS . I also use somatic practices, inner child work, self connection techniques, mindfulness and working with your central nervous system through practice. I use person-centred therapy so you are in the drivers seat and together we build a therapeutic relationship to work on your desired outcome to what you are currently going through.

All approaches will be as unique as you.

Coaching takes a different approach where together we follow a path toward you achieving your desired results through practiced methods. I’m like your own personal cheerleader and use a holistic coaching method.

Rainbow Services has an in person office  locted in Port Macquarie, Australia. Online Zoom sessions are available.

No, I don’t at this time.

It’s a personal choice. While Medicare rebates are applicable with many psychologists, the gap of the Medicare rebate is often similar to counselling costs.

The sex coaching process works with you to address any sexual concerns you may be having solo or as a part of a relationship dynamic. We work together on bringing understanding to our body, pleasure, desires and utilise somatic, pleasure, connection exploration and communication .

As a member of the community, I am passionate about seeing individuals thrive in their best life while being considered respectfully and honoured in your chosen sexuality and gender expression.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Rainbow Services acknowledges Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognises the continuing connection to lands, waters and communities. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures; and to Elders past and present.